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About Me

Honestly, I have been a digital artist since decades without stating that fact in public - and without knowing it by myself for a long time. My artwork in the area of software, programming language and protocol design was (and is) usually not visible to a larger public since there are just not so many that can grasp the beauty of software being a piece of art. Of course not being able to identify software as art is absolutely not a deficiency by any means. Most important are the results, right?

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary” as said by Pablo Picasso - this has always driven me in all areas of my life, with life being an art by itself.

About my artwork

The Mandelbrot set and fractals in general allow me to combine several things: Software development, programming language design, some mathematics and last but not least the ability to combine all of this - eventually resulting in something unusual and (formerly unseen) beautiful that really everybody can look at.

If I would have to describe the main goals of my artwork: Simplicity, detail and beauty always trying to technically approach, question and even surpass the usual “well known” limits.

About this site

This site is a blog-type website presenting my artwork around photography, digital image processing, the Mandelbrot set and fractals in general. Additionally this site provides me a space to publish interesting articles related to digital art and software engineering.

You’ll find the following categories on this site:

  • Artwork: Released artwork
  • Studies: Studies worth to mention and present digitally
  • Articles: Everything else

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This site presents my digital artwork exploring the famous Mandelbrot set, photography and other topics. Specially crafted own software reveals the inner self-sufficient beauty of chaos leaving any unnecessary distractions behind.